give aways

I love crochet and other crafts, but i just don’t have room to store it all. So i’m giving away some finished projects, for free.

If you’d like any of the projects below, just post a comment stating which one you’d like and how i can contact you. I only expect you to pay for shipping costs. All items are shipped from The Netherlands.

little alien (8.5 cm / 3.5 inches, bright green, very cute)

zombie (9.5 cm / 4 inches, cream/grey, eats brains)

zombiemouse (11 cm / 4.5 inches, pink/grey, eats catbrains)

owl pouch (11x5cm, cream/grey)

owl pouch fits an iPod nano 5G in a crystal case

Star Trek pouch (12x8.5cm, red/black, embroidered logo)

Star Trek pouch, fits a BlackBerry Bold (even in a silicone case)

iPhone cozy (4G): the brown triangle is a flap covering the opening on top, it's secured with two loops around the eyes

Elephant brooch, about 4cm / 1.5" in length

Whale brooch, about 5cm / 2" in length


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