Still alive, working on things

Yes, i’m still alive. But having serious doubts about this blog here. I feel like the content i’m creating is nothing new, nothing interesting and being done way better by others. So i’m kind of feeling like a bad copycat. I’m also having a really hard time coming up with content in the first place. But i do like to write little pieces, so i don’t want to stop blogging all together. When i think about content i could write every day without getting stuck or uninspired, i come up with healthy vegetarian recipes, product reviews, and reviews of music, movies and tv and books. And maybe some random stuff i find on the internet while browsing. So i guess i will be giving this blog another make over soon. I’m already working on several posts.

Please have a little patience with me while i figure things out.


My recipe for rainy spring/summer days

Hi, i’m back! After spending a few days in beautiful sunny and warm Copenhagen, it was kind of disheartening coming back to the Dutch weather. And strange weather it is. It isn’t all that warm (somewhere between 16 and 20 degrees Celsius) but very humid (82%). And yesterday evening, during a mighty rainstorm that lasted only a few minutes really, it turned out that my house isn’t all that waterproof. I found a tiny puddle of rainwater on my fridge, that had seeped through the roof of my kitchen. No real damage, but still. And the humidity in the air is condensating on my bathroom walls and then dripping onto the floor, so i’ve had to remove all rugs and bathmats and i keep mopping up water. Oh well.

And now i’m wondering if we’ll have the same crappy weather this spring and summer as we did last year: nothing but rain. All the magazines and blogs out there are preparing us for a long, hot summer. Meals outside, picknicks, swimming pools, sunshine. Not really of any use at all in this little country of mine. So for everyone who is in the same predicament: here’s my recipe for still getting that spring/summer feeling even if it’s raining and a little cold.

rainbowFirst, open all your windows and doors and let the fresh air and bird sounds in. Especially when it’s raining. The air smells fantastic when it rains, just make sure you don’t let it rain in through the open windows. Now play some summer music on your stereo, like Paolo Nutini, CCR, Beastie Boys, FLC, Xavier Rudd, Kyuss, or maybe some Bob Marley. Paint your nails turquoise, or aqua, or a light shade of green. Make your own icecream, like fresh mint/white wine sorbet, or lime yoghurt popsicles. Eat salads. Even if you crave something warm, just make a lukewarm salad. Eat gazpacho. Make your days last as long as possible, so stay up late (again: with all doors and windows open).

Just pretend it’s warm and sunny outside. Simple, but that’s all it takes. Don’t stay indoors all day, don’t be afraid to get a little wet. It’s just water.

Going on a trip

Tomorrow i leave for Denmark, and i’ll be gone untill sunday evening. After that i have to go back to work immediately, so i probably won’t post anything new until wednesday next week. So have great week, enjoy the sunshine, and hopefully i’ll be able to post a lot of nice photos when i get back.

Russian roulette: Typewriters

Lately i find myself wanting a typewriter. I don’t know why, my laptop serves me well. But there’s something about the noise it makes, the font it prints, and the immediate tangible results. (And i imagine it would make me write like Hunter S. Thompson…) If i ever were to buy one, it would be a cute, small, retro looking one. Brightly colored and a smooth shiny exterior with rounded edges. Like these:


Richard Walter just wrote an hilarious piece about his ‘user powered laptop’. Even though it’s mostly a funny anecdote, he does make a good point: in some cases the old fashioned typewriter is more user friendly than any state of the art computer and/or printer.

russian roulette: 1970’s film alphabet

Do you know all these films? I sure as hell don’t, but i still think it’s awesome (and a fun little puzzle for me).

by Stephen Wildish


Star wars roundup

Pic by Gremlindog

I love the original 3 Star wars movies. I’m a total geek. (I just don’t want to talk about the last 3 movies…)

So here’s my round up of my favourite things Star Wars.

awesome card by Crabappledesign

Funky e-reader sleev by MissMotleys

The Star Wars Cookbook

A funny little easter egg Star Wars Game, pointed out by utest: Create a new spreadsheet in the Calc. Type “=game()” intoa cell and validate it by pressing Enter. The cell will display, “Say what?” to which your typing finger will reply “=GAME(“StarWars”).” A new window will open with a little game called Star Wars.

, where you can find anything Star Wars


And last but not least: all the awesome Star Wars crafts you can find on