Copenhagen photo’s

Well hello. You didn’t think i had disappeared, did you? I’ve just been super busy, and also enjoying the incredible weather we’ve been having the past week. But now temperatures have gone down, and i need my camera tomorrow for a shoot, so this is the perfect time to sort out my Copenhagen photo’s. Here’s a few of the best shots:

tulips in Tivoli

80 meters high carrousel

scary dragon in Tivoli

lasershow in Tivoli

display in the Lego store

a giant R2-D2 in the Lego store


a very crowded but sunny Nyhavn

a rudder in the sunshine

couldn’t miss the famous mermaid statue

can you guess what this is?

cloudy skies over Holland on the flight back home

Maybe soon i’ll also share a few of the photo’s my mom took, she’s a better photographer than me.


digital lomography

I am very much in love with lomography. But it has one downside: it’s quite expensive. Analogue photography is a lot more costly than it used to be. Not necessarily the film itself, nor the camera’s. No, it’s the developing and printing that’s expensive. Most of the developing is completely computerized and done by machine. These computers and machines can’t handle the different formats and inconsequent spacing between the frames (which happens when you use the wrong format with the wrong camera and have to advance the film by hand). And not all labworkers are familiar with lomography. The first time i had a roll of film developed, they had only printed a few of the pictures because they thought something was wrong with my camera. They thought the double exposures were a mistake.

For those of you who aren’t purists, who only care about the end result and not how you get there: here’s a great tutorial for faking cross processing in Photoshop (by With this tutorial you can make your cheap digital photo’s look like cross processed analogue prints.

Here’s two before and afters of photo’s i took around the city of Groningen in 2010.






Hi everybody!

It’s been kind of quiet around here, i know. But i’ve been very busy with lots of other, non digital, stuff. I got a lot of nice comments and likes on my last post, so i thought i might share some more old photo’s with you today, just to keep you entertained.

These are all macroshots. Some taken with my Kodak pocketcamera, and me holding a thrifted macrolens in front of the lens of the Kodak. Others are taken with my Panasonic Lumix.


Russian roulette: old pics

I was back home with my mom last weekend. We spent all saturday afternoon in the woods, just walking for hours in the rain, taking a few photo’s. I forgot to charge the battery in my camera, so i used my mom’s camera. Then i forgot to take the pictures with me to my own house, so i can’t share them yet.

But i did find a couple of photo’s from the same place in the woods on my old computer, i’d like to share those. They were taken a couple of years ago at Drie, a tiny ‘village’ (consisting of about 3 houses) to the south east of Ermelo. One of the oldest forests of the country, lots of history, and a very cosy little restaurant where we had tea and homemade applepie last saturday.

Check it out:

photo taken from restaurant's website

to do list

Hiya, i’m back! I’ve been mostly looking at views like these, and not missing my Blackberry or laptop at all.

But now it’s back to usual. I’ve been reading up on all the blogs i follow, and making an EXTENSIVE to do list. I’ve done so much already, but a few things are still left to be done. Some of them just boring housework, but some are fun craft projects. Here’s two of them which i saw online, hopefully i’ll be able to show some results soon.

polaroid paintings (as seen on Poppytalk)
lightbox (from The Dapper Toad)


This easter was absolutely fabulous. Lots of sunshine, bbq, lomography. Lotta ins, lotta outs, lotta what-have-yous 🙂
On sunday we went for a 10k walk from ‘s-Hertogenbosch CS to Vught, and it was beautiful. Here are some pics of the day:

fake your pinhole!

Here‘s a great Photoshop tutorial for faking a pinhole effect. I tried this with a photo i took in Hassocks, Great Britain two years ago, and i love the result:


Of course you could always drill a tiny hole in a lenscap and start shooting, no Photoshop required.