New Ikea

I’m still sorting through my Copenhagen photo’s. So to tie you over, here’s my top 5 picks from the new items at Ikea (Netherlands at least). In no particular order.

Raskog trolley in turqoise. It has that great retro industrial feel.

PS Piedestal for plants. Ideal for my tiny apartment, to add a little greenery. Seriously considering buying one.


Frasera whiskey glass. I don’t like whiskey at all, but i suppose gin would taste great in a glass like this.


PS cupboard. I lurve this, no further explanation needed.


Vandring Igelkott squeeky hedgehog. At 30 i’m still a sucker for stuffed animals. Especiallu squeeky ones. Thankfully i can keep myself from actually buying them.


spin the black circle part deux

A short update on my last post. I just have to share because this is to brilliant not to (How about orange).

Bubby and Bean

Click here for the tutorial.

spin the black circle

I love vintage record players. I don’t know why they (you know who ‘they’ are; the man, man!) just don’t make colorful plastic ones anymore like they did in the 60s and 70s. Like this one

or this one

When i still lived back home with my mom, i would use her old recordplayer. A lovely little off-white and bordeaux box. You could take the lid off and stand it on it’s side; it was the speaker. I just don’t have the space for it in the tiny studio i live in right now. But you can bet your rear end i will haul it to my new bigger apartment as soon as i find one (apartment, that is).

But you know, if you have old records but won’t play them anymore, you can also do this with them:

And you can also bet i will do that to a cheap Ikea stool for my new apartment…

tacky or awesome?

Most people probably find them tacky, but i think they’re beautiful (most of them) and would love to have some framed on my wall. (edit: duh, obviously i meant to include that i’m talking about vintage Painting by Numbers…) Some like these:

sold article by mossweed on etsy

thrifting and crafting

Last week i visited my mom, so we could go to my favorite thriftstore on saturdaymorning. I was lucky, because my mom spotted a little rug for my kitchen, something i had been looking for, for a long time. It’s a sunny mix of cream and yellow, and was only €1! A total steal.
I also bought an amazing storage container, i use it for onions and garlic.

And i found three little ceramic bowls that look like little saucepans. I couldn’t pass up on those, they were only €0,20 each. They’ll be great for dips and side dishes.

On of these days i will have to do a post about all the treasures i bought at that store. I bought most of my kitchenware there, and i can’t imagine i’ve spent more than €30 on it all together. I love thrifting :).

On to other things. Crafting, for instance. I have two new additions for the giveaway sections: these two little crocheted brooches. They’re fun and easy to make, so more will be popping up soon.

Last but not least: i have tickets for the Rock Werchter festival, so that’s one item crossed of my 30-goals-list for sure. Yay!

design knock-off”s

I really do. But i will never pay the kind of prices asked for real Eames pieces. Not unless i win a lottery or something. So i’m always excited to find cheaper knock-off’s (did i spell that right?). Ikea is a great place to find pieces inspired by (or copied from) iconic design pieces from mid-twentieth century. A lot of Eames and Aalto.

Just the other day i found a cute little coat rack at a really cheap store (Action), for about €3,50. And i only just discovered it’s a simplified version of the classic Eames coat rack you see below. It makes me smile every time i see it.

Eames coat rack via fabnewhome

Now if only i could find cheaper versions of these chairs that i’m swooning over…

Eames chair via crdecoration

Miller&Eames lounge chair via

christmas decorations part 2

As promised: photo’s of my decorations. I wanted everything to be very subtle. So no tinsel, no flashing twinklelights, no singings santa’s. Just some pops of christmas colors here and there, to set the mood.

Esfahan pillowcase