spin the black circle part deux

A short update on my last post. I just have to share because this is to brilliant not to (How about orange).

Bubby and Bean

Click here for the tutorial.


thrifting and crafting

Last week i visited my mom, so we could go to my favorite thriftstore on saturdaymorning. I was lucky, because my mom spotted a little rug for my kitchen, something i had been looking for, for a long time. It’s a sunny mix of cream and yellow, and was only €1! A total steal.
I also bought an amazing storage container, i use it for onions and garlic.

And i found three little ceramic bowls that look like little saucepans. I couldn’t pass up on those, they were only €0,20 each. They’ll be great for dips and side dishes.

On of these days i will have to do a post about all the treasures i bought at that store. I bought most of my kitchenware there, and i can’t imagine i’ve spent more than €30 on it all together. I love thrifting :).

On to other things. Crafting, for instance. I have two new additions for the giveaway sections: these two little crocheted brooches. They’re fun and easy to make, so more will be popping up soon.

Last but not least: i have tickets for the Rock Werchter festival, so that’s one item crossed of my 30-goals-list for sure. Yay!

catching up

Hi! I do believe i have some serious catching up to do. Many times have i promised to keep you all updated on different projects, but i just don’t seem to keep my promises. I want to do better this year, so to start of here’s a few follow-ups from previous posts, working my way backwards in time.

Promise nr1: I finished crocheting my little stuffed animal. It’s a little dragon, did you guess right? I used this free pattern, but i altered it considerably. It turned out very cute.

Promise nr 2: I promised to keep you updated on my 30 goals before 31. So here it goes.
1. move out of my tiny studio apartment and into a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment: just now contacted a realter.
5. learn a new skill/craft: i am learning to draw manga
7. write at least 52 blog posts: well, this is a contribution
10. learn how to knit better: working on a project again
12. go to a rock festival again: i might just go to Rock Werchter again this year (yay!)
13. go to more concerts: i already have tickets to see Pearl Jam and Kasabian

Promise nr 3: I crocheted an iPhone cozy, orininally intended for a friend. But i decided to make her a different one, and put this one up on the give away section. So if you’d like to have it, just leave me a comment or send me an e-mail.

the brown triangle is a flap covering the opening on top, it's secured with two loops around the eyes

Promise nr 4: My mom sent me the pictures i took when we went for a walk at Drie. They didn’t turn out really great, because i was also holding an umbrella and it was quite dark in the woods. Here are the best ones (all unedited):

Promise nr 5: I promised to keep you updated on 2 little projects i was going to try my hand at: polaroid painting and making my own lightbox. Both were not succesful. I am not an artist, and my polaroidpainting looked like something a five year old would make at school. It was fun to do, but too embarassing to post. And the lightbox, well, i tried to make one that can be folded up and stored away. But it turned out to be very unstable, falling over all the time. I’m working on an idea to improve on it, but so far i still don’t have a lightbox and i refuse to buy one.

Star wars roundup

Pic by Gremlindog

I love the original 3 Star wars movies. I’m a total geek. (I just don’t want to talk about the last 3 movies…)

So here’s my round up of my favourite things Star Wars.

awesome card by Crabappledesign

Funky e-reader sleev by MissMotleys

The Star Wars Cookbook

A funny little easter egg Star Wars Game, pointed out by utest: Create a new spreadsheet in the OpenOffice.org Calc. Type “=game()” intoa cell and validate it by pressing Enter. The cell will display, “Say what?” to which your typing finger will reply “=GAME(“StarWars”).” A new window will open with a little game called Star Wars.

, where you can find anything Star Wars


And last but not least: all the awesome Star Wars crafts you can find on

christmas decorations part 2

As promised: photo’s of my decorations. I wanted everything to be very subtle. So no tinsel, no flashing twinklelights, no singings santa’s. Just some pops of christmas colors here and there, to set the mood.

Esfahan pillowcase

christmas decorations

It’s the fifth of december, so St Nicolas will be leaving our little country tomorrow. This year has flown by so fast, it feels like just yesterday that we were celebrating easter… I just want to hold on to this holiday season, so i’m going to make christmas last as long as i can. So starting tomorrow, i’m going to start decorating, to get into that christmas spirit.

Now, i don’t want a tree in my house. I have carpet in my livingroom, and am not looking forward to trying to get all the little needles out of my carpet. But i am going to create lots of other lovely decorations, including things like these:

i mean the jars, tutorial on Dottie Angel

And tiny versions of these, as ornaments:

by Grietje Karwietje

I’ve also bought some of these beautiful lights from Ikea, even though i won’t have a tree. I’m excited to see how they will light up my home (i’ll post photo’s when done decorating):

Strala christmas lights from Ikea

many a project

Hi everybody

It’s been super quiet here, i know. But i’ve been very busy doing all sorts of crafty projects. I’m currently working on an iPhone cozy for a friend. I’ve already completed another iPhone cozy (coming up soon in the give away section). I’m also working on an e-reader cozy for myself, in a basketweave crochet stitch like this one on the right.

That stitch is new for me, and i’m making up a pattern as i go, so it’s taking me a while.
Saint Nicolas is coming up, so i have some gifts to make and poems to write. And besides all that, i have two jobs. But i’m not complaining, it’s fun.

I am also attempting to learn how to knit. I’m an advanced chrocheter, but knitting is another thing completely. It’s difficult man! My stitches are always to tight, or to loose. So it looks all uneven and my hands are cramping up. I don’t want to give up, but i’m finding it quite hard not to. I want to be able some day to knit something that looks like like this:

Yeah right. Wishful thinking, i know. But a girl can dream.