I’ve been thinking about regular feature posts. I sometimes do ‘i love-posts’, or random stuff not really related to this blog’s theme (Russian Roulette). My problem is that i’m lazy. Too lazy to blog, really. So another feature would have to be something simple, that doesn’t take me a lot of time. And now i’ve finally got it: lists. I love keeping listst and reading other people’s lists, and they’re a good conversation starter.

So here’s my first list, inspired by my luch today: my 5 favourite grilled sandwiches (or tosti’s as we call them in the Netherlands)

  • 30+ Gouda cheese and ham, with ketchup and Italian dried herbs
  • 30+ Gouda cheese with French mustard (no wait, i’m currently enjoying some from Ikea, so that would be Swedish mustard?)
  • sliced chicken or turkey meat with peanut butter
  • cream cheese with pesto and ham
  • sliced chicken or turkey with sliced tomato, pesto, pinetree seeds and rocket salad




Today I made some delicious muffins for lunch. They’re a great substitute for boring sandwiches, and can be made in 30 minutes! Recipes are easy to find, no need to repeat here. Just remember: you can substitute (some of the) milk with other fluids. That’s what i did: i used concentrated pureed tomatoe from a can. If you’re not making sweet muffins, leave out the sugar all together.

mixing the dry ingredients

mixing the wet ingredients

filling the cups and sprinkling with pumpkinseeds

and voila: i couldn't resist, i had to take a bite...


crafts and cooking

I’ve had three days off, and have spent them cleaning, cooking and doing crafts. (And i’ve spent some time on a café sidewalk, drinking white beer with lemon in the sunshine, but never mind that…)

I’ve made pickled vegetables: a mix and pickled cucumber. Also olive oil with basil. It looks and smells good, let’s hope they’ll taste good as well in a few weeks.

Only two of my handyworks i can show you, the other two are presents for two lucky ladies 🙂 I’ve wanted a star and feather necklace for ages, but could never find the right one. So i just made one myself, and a single feather one as well.

One other thing i’ve made has to wait a little longer, it needs to be dark outside for it to be photographed. Pics will follow soon.

Enjoy the spring!