now for real: the very last pictures of may

Due to Blogger’s inconsistencies, i’ve decided to move my blog here. I’m still figuring out the design and stuff, but from now on i will be posting here. So here’s the last two pictures that Blogger refused to upload:




the last pictures of may

OK, so i’ve failed my very first photochallenge. Maybe i was asking a bit much of myself. I only have pictures of the 26th, 28th and 29th of may. The 25th, 27th, 30th and 31st are missing. I allready missed one day earlier in may, so it’s a five photo fail 😦
Let’s look at the bright side: i managed to take pictures for 26 days out of 31, while managing a day job, weekends away, and living on my own so not having any other living creatures around for inspiration or help.
Here’s the remaining one for the 28th:


The others will follow soon, but Blogger is acting up again and doesn’t want to upload anymore. I think i might have to switch to WordPress or Typepad or something, cause Blogger is driving me crazy. I still haven’t been able to register my Blackberry so i can post from my phone. Annoying!

Now all i’ve got to do is find a new challenge, and not set the bar so high this time. I need to ease into this. Suggestions?


I failed this challenge 😦  Last saturday the 20th, i went to my cousin’s wedding and didn’t take a photo all day. I just forgot… Boo.
So here’s the photo’s from the 19th and the 21st. I haven’t taken a photo yet today, but it’ll be at least another 90 minutes before i go to sleep, so there’s still time…




20110518 there’s always something

20110517 dinner yesterday: wild rice and grain mix,
peas and broadbeans and a mushroomsauce

20110516 frikkin’ cactus…


The photo’s from sunday, monday, tuesday and today. A little boring, but i’ve just been working in the office and spending the nights home. My life is a little dull, i know…

20110511 dinner today: a salad of couscous,
mixed lettuce, avocado,
chick peas and a mustard dressing





The photo’s of last friday, saturday and of today:

20110515 my half eaten lunch: halloumisandwich and bulgur salad