Wow, i really have been neglecting this blog! I don’t know why, i suppose i’ve just been enjoying my analogue life too much lately. Even worse: i don’t have anything new to share just yet. I’m working on a few projects – as usual – but they’re still UFO’s (UnFinished Objects One Sheepish Girl). I haven’t been thrifting in a looooooong time, and i haven’t crocheted anyting either. So all i have to offer you right now is an update of my 30 goals. And it’s not looking good, i have to get my butt in gear…

  1. move out of my tiny studio apartment and into a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment – Still looking, but not hard enough
  2. have at least 4 vacations – One down, two in the making.
  3. travel abroad at least 2 times – Been to Copenhagen, booked a holiday to Vienna.
  4. get a totally new hairdo (maybe bangs?) – Does finally growing long hair count?
  5. learn a new skill/craft – Still practicing manga, but i’m not getting any better at it. But the goal didn’t say ‘master a new skill’, so i’m crossing this off my list.
  6. start internet dating – Not started yet. Kinda nerve wrecking…
  7. write at least 52 blog posts (i averaged only 3 posts a month this year :(   ) – Hmmm, this month has not been helpful.
  8. go on a nighttime photography trip – Not done it yet.
  9. sew a piece of clothing – I’ve bought the fabric and know what i want to make, now i just have to go and sew the damn thing.
  10. learn how to knit better – I totally have the basics down. But i don’t enjoy it, so i guess i will leave it at knowing the basics.
  11. get my moles checked out – Not done this yet, but i’m also not worried about them.
  12. go to a rock festival again – Rock Werchter, next weekend. Can’t wait, it’s been 5 years!
  13. go to more concerts – Doing o.k: Kasabian, Pearl Jam, Rufus Wainwright, Radiohead.
  14. go to the cinema  more often – I go everytime there’s a movie that i find even slightly interesting. But that just doens’t happen very often.
  15. start a movie meetup group – Haven’t done this yet.
  16. shoot at least 4 rolls of analogue lomofilm – One down, three to go.
  17. make my own crobot pattern – Not done this yet either.
  18. go on a long bicycle tour – Rode from Veldhoven to Tilburg, a 50km trip. That counts.
  19. finish writing my story/novel ‘Baptist Bar’ – working on the outline, i might join NaNoWriMo this year…
  20. join NaNoWriMo or the associated Script Frenzy – Won Script Frenzy.
  21. become a certified pilot on Flight Simulator – haven’t even finished the second lesson succesfully. This is a daunting task for someone without even a driver’s license.
  22. cancel my bookclub subscription – Done.
  23. watch Citizen Kane – Not seen it yet.
  24. throw a summer cocktailparty – It’s raining all the time and doesn’t get warm enough outside for bare legs or to take your coat off, so i’m just waiting for the weather to clear up. June is breaking records when it comes to wetness.
  25. read Crime and Punishment – Haven’t even started yet.
  26. finish reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance – Still only halfway through.
  27. Visit Madurodam – Not been there yet.
  28. visit more museums – I have seen only one museum on the inside this year. So not really doing very good on this one.
  29. enter a photography contest/challenge – Nope.
  30. stick to all of my resolutions – THE most challenging one.

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