new plans

People, i am proud to announce that i am a Script Frenzy 2012 Winner! And have been since thursday last. So that is one thing crossed of my 30-goals-list.

I am also really excited that i once again have time for new dreams and projects. But first i am going on a little photography trip to Kopenhagen, Denmark. Hopefully we’ll be able to do some nighttime photography as well while over there, so i can cross that off my list too.

Other things coming up: making sprout-bookmarks (Dainty Squid), trying my hand once again at tie ‘n dye (or rather dipdye), creating a new website i have planned with sister #2, trying out new recipes, practicing my drawing skills and flying skills (on Flight Simulator), etc. I could go on forever.

Today, however, i will start with a big spring clean. The weather is finally soft enough to open all doors and windows, so the perfect conditions to get my duster, vacuumcleaner and cleaning agents out.

All these new plans and activities just make me smile. Along with the new Rufus Wainwright album, which has been playing on my computer all week. Completely legal, i swear, via 3voor12-Luisterpaal (probably for Dutchies only?).


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