Scriptfrenzy is here!

Okay, so the house is clean, the fridge is stacked and i have my supplies at the ready:


got my laptop, my candy, my trusty coffee mug, my pens and paper, my Script Frenzy calender, my outline and my copy of Hamlet which i will need for the climax of my story. Ready, set, go!

It’s the first of april and Script Frenzy starts today. For those of you who don’t know what that is, and are too lazy to Google: Script Frenzy is an online challenge to write a 100-page script in 1 month. In april to be exact. Thousands of people participate in this challenge. There’s a website where you can share your progress and where they validate your pagecount. There is no prize, you do it for the honour, the pride and to finally finish your first draft. It’s quantity over quality. When you sign up, you’ll get loads of pep-mails and tips&tricks.

This is actually from the same organization that brings us NaNoWiMo in november.

A while ago i did a post about 30 goals i want to achieve before i turn 31 in november. Succesfully finishing Script Frenzy was one of them, so i am really keen to get started. I signed up weeks ago and finished my outline and character descriptions last week. Tonight, before i go to bed, i will have written the first 4 pages of my script RUMSPRINGA. And no, it’s not about the Amish.

Speaking about the list of goals, this is the current status:

  • i am still looking for a new apartment
  • i have tickets to see Pearl Jam and Radiohead, i’ve been to Kasabian, and i have a ticket for Rock Werchter
  • i am practicing my manga drawing skills, but i still suck at it
  • i have a 50% off coupon from my hairdresser, so i will be going soon and coming out with a new mop
  • i have booked a camping trip to Vienna in late august, and am working on a trip to Kopenhagen

Doing pretty good considering it’s still only april, right?

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