Russian roulette: Typewriters

Lately i find myself wanting a typewriter. I don’t know why, my laptop serves me well. But there’s something about the noise it makes, the font it prints, and the immediate tangible results. (And i imagine it would make me write like Hunter S. Thompson…) If i ever were to buy one, it would be a cute, small, retro looking one. Brightly colored and a smooth shiny exterior with rounded edges. Like these:


Richard Walter just wrote an hilarious piece about his ‘user powered laptop’. Even though it’s mostly a funny anecdote, he does make a good point: in some cases the old fashioned typewriter is more user friendly than any state of the art computer and/or printer.

2 thoughts on “Russian roulette: Typewriters

    • Absoluut briljant. Vooral de Sears Mad Men Style Typewriter (vind je op hun site). Alleen de prijs is wat minder: 544 euro. Ouch. En dat is exclusief de iPad…

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