my blogroll: some link love

At the right hand side of this blog, you’ll find clickable jpegs to all the blogs i love. My weekly reads. I recently removed some of them, because those blogs had changed and i found them less interesting than before. Let me tell you why i love these blogs, and be sure to check them out yourself.

Smile and wave: great DIY tutorials, a lot of inspiration for interior decorating (if you like vintage and retro), and beautiful photography. Like in this post; just snapshots of everyday life.

Mucho mucho bueno bueno: i love these girls’ style, i wish i was as cool as they are. Sometimes they have cool DIY tutorials, and they sell beautiful necklaces. Also, they have the coolest friends, like photographer Lonnie Webb who shoots the awesomest photo’s of these very photogenic sisters. Lately the boyfriend of one of them has been sharing fun facts, which are actually quite interesting, like this one about Kermit the Frog :).

A beautiful mess: this blog is full of great tutorials, delicious recipes and beautiful photography of interior design. Lately they’ve been sharing usefull tips on how tot take better photo’s, like this one. But be warned: there’s an overload of bright colors, bold fonts and ‘cute outfits’. If you like your style a little more laid back like i do, you might want to put on a pair of sunglasses before heading over there.

Poppytalk handmade: a non stop source of inspiration for DIY projects, graphic design, interior design and recipes. It’s more like a magazine than like a blog, with contributions from all over the world. I recently loved this post.

My girl thursday: fun thrifted finds, tutorials and very witty writing.

How about orange: a bit like Poppytalk, a lot of DIY tutorials and graphic design. They recently shared a link to the best amigurumi pattern website ever.

The Dainty Squid: the best thrifting, nature photography and witty writing. My favourite blog right now.

One sheepish girl: all about knitting and crocheting. Also, she’s blogging for confidence, which is very motivating if you want to change things yourself.

Bleubird Vintage: beautiful photography (like this post) and a lot of inspiration for interior decorating. Written by miss James, whose husband Aubrey McCoy is a very talented photographer himself.

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