thrifting and crafting

Last week i visited my mom, so we could go to my favorite thriftstore on saturdaymorning. I was lucky, because my mom spotted a little rug for my kitchen, something i had been looking for, for a long time. It’s a sunny mix of cream and yellow, and was only €1! A total steal.
I also bought an amazing storage container, i use it for onions and garlic.

And i found three little ceramic bowls that look like little saucepans. I couldn’t pass up on those, they were only €0,20 each. They’ll be great for dips and side dishes.

On of these days i will have to do a post about all the treasures i bought at that store. I bought most of my kitchenware there, and i can’t imagine i’ve spent more than €30 on it all together. I love thrifting :).

On to other things. Crafting, for instance. I have two new additions for the giveaway sections: these two little crocheted brooches. They’re fun and easy to make, so more will be popping up soon.

Last but not least: i have tickets for the Rock Werchter festival, so that’s one item crossed of my 30-goals-list for sure. Yay!

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