Star wars roundup

Pic by Gremlindog

I love the original 3 Star wars movies. I’m a total geek. (I just don’t want to talk about the last 3 movies…)

So here’s my round up of my favourite things Star Wars.

awesome card by Crabappledesign

Funky e-reader sleev by MissMotleys

The Star Wars Cookbook

A funny little easter egg Star Wars Game, pointed out by utest: Create a new spreadsheet in the Calc. Type “=game()” intoa cell and validate it by pressing Enter. The cell will display, “Say what?” to which your typing finger will reply “=GAME(“StarWars”).” A new window will open with a little game called Star Wars.

, where you can find anything Star Wars


And last but not least: all the awesome Star Wars crafts you can find on

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