30 before 31

A couple of weeks ago, i turned 30. I usually make my new year’s resolutions on my birthday. They’re quite personal, about the person i want to be on my next birthday. It’s a tradition i started on my 16th birthday, and i’ve kept it up ever since. But this year, i thought i’d join in with everyone else in the blog community and make as many resolutions as i am years old. So next year, on my 31st birthday, i want to have achieved these 30 goals:

  1. move out of my tiny studio apartment and into a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment
  2. have at least 4 vacations
  3. travel abroad at least 2 times
  4. get a totally new hairdo (maybe bangs?)
  5. learn a new skill/craft
  6. start internet dating
  7. write at least 52 blog posts (i averaged only 3 posts a month this year đŸ˜¦Â  )
  8. go on a nighttime photography trip
  9. sew a piece of clothing
  10. learn how to knit better
  11. get my moles checked out
  12. go to a rock festival again
  13. go to more concerts
  14. go to the cinema  more often
  15. start a movie meetup group
  16. shoot at least 4 rolls of analogue lomofilm
  17. make my own crobot pattern
  18. go on a long bicycle tour
  19. finish writing my story/novel ‘Baptist Bar’
  20. join NaNoWriMo or the associated Script Frenzy
  21. become a certified pilot on Flight Simulator
  22. cancel my bookclub subscription
  23. watch Citizen Kane
  24. throw a summer cocktailparty
  25. read Crime and Punishment
  26. finish reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
  27. Visit Madurodam
  28. visit more museums
  29. enter a photography contest/challenge
  30. stick to all of my resolutions

I will try to keep you updated on these resolutions, and hopefully on my birthday next year i have crossed them all of my list…

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