christmas decorations

It’s the fifth of december, so St Nicolas will be leaving our little country tomorrow. This year has flown by so fast, it feels like just yesterday that we were celebrating easter… I just want to hold on to this holiday season, so i’m going to make christmas last as long as i can. So starting tomorrow, i’m going to start decorating, to get into that christmas spirit.

Now, i don’t want a tree in my house. I have carpet in my livingroom, and am not looking forward to trying to get all the little needles out of my carpet. But i am going to create lots of other lovely decorations, including things like these:

i mean the jars, tutorial on Dottie Angel

And tiny versions of these, as ornaments:

by Grietje Karwietje

I’ve also bought some of these beautiful lights from Ikea, even though i won’t have a tree. I’m excited to see how they will light up my home (i’ll post photo’s when done decorating):

Strala christmas lights from Ikea

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