many a project

Hi everybody

It’s been super quiet here, i know. But i’ve been very busy doing all sorts of crafty projects. I’m currently working on an iPhone cozy for a friend. I’ve already completed another iPhone cozy (coming up soon in the give away section). I’m also working on an e-reader cozy for myself, in a basketweave crochet stitch like this one on the right.

That stitch is new for me, and i’m making up a pattern as i go, so it’s taking me a while.
Saint Nicolas is coming up, so i have some gifts to make and poems to write. And besides all that, i have two jobs. But i’m not complaining, it’s fun.

I am also attempting to learn how to knit. I’m an advanced chrocheter, but knitting is another thing completely. It’s difficult man! My stitches are always to tight, or to loose. So it looks all uneven and my hands are cramping up. I don’t want to give up, but i’m finding it quite hard not to. I want to be able some day to knit something that looks like like this:

Yeah right. Wishful thinking, i know. But a girl can dream.

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