russian roulette: i <3 Google

I love google. Really, no-one is paying me to say this, i really love google. Because they make things simpler, and i love simplicity. Google allows me to create 1 account, from which i can access many different programs: gmail (i forward all mail to my gmail), calendar, picasa, all rss feeds, shared docs, and before i switched to wordpress i also used blogger.

And almost just as important: i can make my google programs look as retro and 70’s as i want to! Think lots of woodgrain and bold flower patterns. Because i hate it when my online accounts don’t match my analog binders… And to get completely sidetracked: look at these awesome binders. I want!


If only it were possible to access all my other online accounts through my google account. Without having to enter all these different passwords. How sweet life would be with just 1 password to remember. And google is FREE.

Btw, if you’re like me and do all your computing on 1 computer (so no need for online storage or synchronizing), here’s a useful alternative to Evernote, that doesn’t require a password: the Firefox add-on Scrapbook. It stores your data offline in a folder on your harddrive, so even offline all is accessible, and you can back up the folder to any other computer/USB drive you want to.
Other browsers probably have similar add-ons. I’m too lazy to go look for you, but i do know IE has a similar add-on called InternetScrap. I’m not sure if the ‘S’ is justified…
I haven’t found a similar add-on for chrome, which is why yours truly is not using the googlebrowser as default browser.

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