Russian roulette: old pics

I was back home with my mom last weekend. We spent all saturday afternoon in the woods, just walking for hours in the rain, taking a few photo’s. I forgot to charge the battery in my camera, so i used my mom’s camera. Then i forgot to take the pictures with me to my own house, so i can’t share them yet.

But i did find a couple of photo’s from the same place in the woods on my old computer, i’d like to share those. They were taken a couple of years ago at Drie, a tiny ‘village’ (consisting of about 3 houses) to the south east of Ermelo. One of the oldest forests of the country, lots of history, and a very cosy little restaurant where we had tea and homemade applepie last saturday.

Check it out:

photo taken from restaurant's website

3 thoughts on “Russian roulette: old pics

  1. Thank you for the nice comments and likes. These are older photo’s taken with a simple Kodak pocketcamera. I’m currently sorting through more of those, and all the photo’s i’ve taken with my Panasonic Lumix FZ28. Hopefully i’ll be posting some of those soon. So stay tuned.

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