crafts and cooking

I’ve had three days off, and have spent them cleaning, cooking and doing crafts. (And i’ve spent some time on a café sidewalk, drinking white beer with lemon in the sunshine, but never mind that…)

I’ve made pickled vegetables: a mix and pickled cucumber. Also olive oil with basil. It looks and smells good, let’s hope they’ll taste good as well in a few weeks.

Only two of my handyworks i can show you, the other two are presents for two lucky ladies 🙂 I’ve wanted a star and feather necklace for ages, but could never find the right one. So i just made one myself, and a single feather one as well.

One other thing i’ve made has to wait a little longer, it needs to be dark outside for it to be photographed. Pics will follow soon.

Enjoy the spring!

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